Q: What is WindingQuest.com?
A: WindingQuest.com is a personal blog focused on Ontario Motorcycle Roads. Hopefully this can be somewhat of a useful resource when you are planning your next tour.

Q: What sort of roads do you focus on?
A: Mostly on twisties, climbs and dives and scenic type of roads.

Q: What sort of information will I find here?
A: For each road blogged, you should see the following information:
• A video of the segment of the road ridden
• Exact corresponding map of where this segment is
• Photographs of interesting twists, climbs or dives, as well as any sights interesting to look at, or things worth of pulling over and checking out
• Basic description of the segment video taped, and photographed

Q: What kind of rider are you? I see you don't seem to take the turns too fast.
A: I am definitely not a speed craver nor a knee scraper, I enjoy the general feeling and absorb the scenery. This is what WindingQuest will focus on. Hopefully this website will be a useful resource to all types of riders.

Q: What is the point of this? I can just check out a road on Google Street View.
A: WindingQuest has many roads not available on Street View. Even if they are available on Street View, WindingQuest combines the most useful information onto one page for each road.

Q: If you are travelling North on a road does that mean that all the pictures shown are facing North as well?
A: No. Photographs point in all sort of directions. There will usually be the same set of photos for a road traveled in both directions.