Willwood Rd, Main St, Sideroad 22 (Terra Cotta Area) (Going East)
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Also, check out Willwood Rd, Main St, Sideroad 22 (Terra Cotta Area) (Going West)
This path consists of a nice variety of scenery in the Halton Hills Terra Cota. If going west we come on a nice down hill seeing an escarpment on the horizon. We then come into the down of Glen Williams town which preserves it's historic look. We go over few bridges, and eventually out of down through suburbs communities. Half way trough we can stop in parking lot and relax by the river. Partially very nice brand new pavement and partially old patched up shaky road. Overall this is not for speed, but should certainly be included if you are planning your journey in that area. Lots of nice turns here. If going east it is just as enjoyable.