Thirty Rd (Grimsby) (Going South)
240 360 480 720
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This run on Thirty Street goes North from Ridge Rd past King St finishing at Mountainview Rd. If you are travelling north towards lake Ontario you will first end up going downhill of the escarpment with some nice twisties. Right after you pass King Rd the road turns into a more narrow local farm road. Lots of peaches around but don't be tempted :) After King Rd slow down alittle as you are going through a local farm cummunity. There could be children walking, playing, etc so be careful. I would suggest to stick to the speed limit, but never the less a very fun road to take. With lots of green around, and a tight road it has it's won flavour. If you travel South away from the lake, naturally the order reverses. Going South you will be climbing the escarpment, which is still fun when passing all the wineyards and local farms. Twisties on the way South are just as fun. If you keep going South past Ridge Rd you'll end in in Smithville.