Southwood Rd - Upper Part (Muskoka) (Going North)
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This is the upper segment of Southwood Rd 13. This segment right near the most northern part includes a nice deserty scenery. We will be traveling through trees and then out of a suddent come out onto a scenic dry land. This part of the road has this Arizona feeling to it. Little later we are back into the Muskoka look. It is a very interesting contrast. A nice view onto a lake is included near the north. There is lots of turns on this road and at times you get a very small tire track without any sand. Always watch your speed and the surface. In general the road in bike friendly but you have to watch out for sand and gravel and adjust your speed accordingly. I highly advise against maxing out on this road. On this upper part of the Southwood Rd you can stop by at Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve. This is a good spot for some local hiking. The entire Southwood Rd jurney is about 30 minutes and has been divided into 3 segments. One of the funnest motorcycle roads in the Muskoka area.