Ridge Rd (Hamilton/Stoney Creek) (Going West)
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Also, check out Ridge Rd (Hamilton/Stoney Creek) (Going East)
Ridge rd is a fairly long road that runs on top of the escarpment. Great path to take if you are cruzing to Niagara Falls on the back roads and avoiding the main highway (QEW). Here we are exploring the part of the road that runs just above Stoney Creek. If anything makes this road different, I would say it is the view. If you are traveling East towards Niagara Falls the view will be on your left. There will be at least 2 or 3 lookout points where you can stop and absorbe the visual. One the lookout points (just at the beginning) gives you access to the Devil's Punch Bowl. Just checkout the pictures as the video mostly just shows the road. Your looking at the city of Stoney Creek, Hamilton and the whole bay area. You can see the Burlington Bay James N. Allan Skyway bridge. Natually when you are traveling West away from Niagara Falls then the view will be on your right. You can also use New Mountain Rd to get down back to Stoney Creek.