Ogilvie St, Old Ancaster Rd, Old Dundas Rd (Hamilton Area) (Going North)
240 360 480 720
Also, check out Ogilvie St, Old Ancaster Rd, Old Dundas Rd (Hamilton Area) (Going South)
Another nice road near Dundas Valley Conservation Area. This path here takes you North through Old Ancaster Rd, and Old Dundas Road. Going through a fairly house saturated area first and then right after (branch off to the left at the 2nd stop sign) you start to go on ups and down through nice twisties in a path made of mostly green. These are the outskirts of the conservation area. There are some rivers, hiking areas on the way too. Use Montgomery Drive to get back to Wilson St. If you are going South you can also continue going straight just little further to get to Wilson Street (this is not possible on the way back due to a 2way street merging into one way). On the way North the path is just as fun. If your going North you have to begin at Montgomery Drive as there is no access earlier on from Wilson Drive (one way as I mentioned earlier). When going North near the end of the road you make a left on the stop sign where on the horizon you get a nice open view onto the escarpment.