King St (Jordan Area) (Going West)
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Also, check out King St (Jordan Area) (Going East)
King Rd is a another fun road running on top of the escarpment. It's a combination of straights with open fields, gentle turns and little rougher turns. The pavement is also a mix. At times fairly new and smooth and at other times, defenitly ready for a pave job, so be careful it might get little bumpy here and there but it improves quickly. The street begins just outside Stoney Creek and runs into St Cathrines. It changes names on both ends. This part here is closer towards St Cathrines is probably the most twisty part out the entire King St. Nice wineries left and right. Nothing too spectacular but certainlyt with the twists you will not fall asleep. If Going east towards Niagara Falls/St cathrines this is an excellent alternative to the major highway. Coming back west is just as nice.