King Rd (Burlington Area) (Going South)
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Also, check out King Rd (Burlington Area) (Going North)
KingRd is an extension and the finish of Lakeshore when going past Plains Rd. When traveling North you will be going through a nice set of twists as you are climbing up the hill. One particular turn is very tight, over 90 degrees. I had to take it in first. Just as you finish climbing up the hill there is a small parking spot, and partial Bruce Hiking Trail can be explored if you feel like a nature hike stop. When going South, a nice view onto Burlington and Hamilton bay can be seen. Great view onto the QEW bridge that leads towards Nigara. You will encounter gravel on some turns, and some patched up road, so be careful. Having said that, many parts have a pretty smooth asphalt. You can see in the pictures the smooth layers of patches over the older asphalt. From far away they look like water, they seem safe but I never tried leaning into turns on them so I could be wrong.