Governors Rd (Dundas/Hamilton Area) (Going West)
240 360 480 720
Also, check out Governors Rd (Dundas/Hamilton Area) (Going East)
Governors Road is more of a faster main commuter road that takes a longer stretch. Begins just around the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. This part of the road filmed here is probably the most twisty. On this stretch here, turns are fairly gentle and long. There are some fun roads you can branch off too from this stretch such as Mineral Springs Rd or Sulphur Spring Rd. As for Governors Rd going east or west is both fun. When going West it will eventually straighten out and take you to Paris (No, not in France, Paris Ontario), there is no majors twists later, but never the less the scenery is nice, and some ups and downs if I remember correctly. Going East takes you back to Dundas area with easy access to Hamilton. When going East you can see little bit of the city showing itself on the horizon above the tree line.