Britania Rd (Going East)
240 360 480 720
Also, check out Britania Rd (Going West)
Surly many people heard of Britania, especially if you live in Mississauga. But who knew the road gets so nice when you begin to get outside of the city. If you travel West you'll come between many open fields and wide scenery presenting the green escarpment - this is what you are going towards so as you go through climbs and dives overall you are going uphill. In the open fields with a wide view onto the hills, this is where the path feel alive. Later on it starts to get congested as you have the tree line on both sides. This is where the fun twists begin. When going back East overall you are proceeding downhill. Naturally the path is reversed, so you first begin with twists and eventually end up in open space. Continue going East to get back to civilization of Mississauga. The pavement varies. From patches to great smoothness, so carefully go with the flow. At certain points Britania doesn't cross certain roads perpendicularly so you might have to do a little swirl. Usually signs show you where to go to remain on this road.