Appleby Line (Rattle Snake Point) (Going North)
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Also, check out Appleby Line (Rattle Snake Point) (Going South)
This is a very nice twisty that Appleby Line does around Rattle Snake point conservation area. If going North this twisty takes you to the top of the escarpment. Visit the conservation area or continue going straight. The road is patched up everywhere and does include some slight gravel here and there but definitely good enough to grip a sports bike - just do it with a caution. If your going North the hill is fairly steep. I was doing this on a 250 and at one point you just gotta go into 1st gear. If you are going South my advice is keep on the brake, and careful on the turn - it's at least 120 degrees, enjoy the view on the left. You can see downtown Mississauga on the horizon. Many people stop by to absorb the view, although it seems like it's sort of in someone's driveway. Appleby Line overall is very scenic.